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Call to Worship – Imagination

May we spark in our minds this hour,

imagination to see the world afresh,

open our hearts to the newness of each moment, 

find humor where we are too serious,

and joy when we have forgotten ourselves.


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Call to Worship “We Are Not Our Own” – based on hymn #317

Let us be a house of welcome

knowing each of us comes here,

not our own,

formed by earth,

and the generations that came before;

may we welcome each other

as life as welcomed us into her home.

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Chalice Light: Make Sacred This Hour

We gather once more around our sacred fire, much like the generations have since the dawn of humanity, to share story and song. We make holy this place through our commitment to gather. From the light we carry in our hearts, we kindle this flame as a beacon of liberal religious faith.

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Come, Thou Font of Every Blessing

This call to worship is based upon the hymn # 126 “Come, Thou Font of Every Blessing”

In our gathering this hour,

may we tune our hearts to gladness,

lift our eyes to what may come,

being open once more to the promise of this day.

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Gather the Spirit (Hymn #347)

Gather our spirits this hour,

In peace, in thanks,

with care in our hearts,

and hope on our lips.

It is in being together

that we know compassion,

and find strength.

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Call To Worship: At the Ending of Summer

We gather at the ending of Summer,

Held together by a season of celebrations and sorrows,

To feel the joy of the everyday,

And to honor the pain of what might have been.

May we learn to live boldly,

Love freely,

And open ourselves to the song of life.

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Chalice Lighting: Joy and Gladness

Gather our spirit, Open our Hearts,

Make room this hour for a new story,

Of possibility, of hope, of vision.

May the lighting of our chalice

Be for gladness where we are empty,

And joy where we were once dry.

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