The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

The Morning After a Night of Global Occupation

Spirit of Life, God of Many Names and One Transforming and Abundant Love – energize us this day.

Quicken our hearts to gladness. May the peace that we know in this moment, even and especially when it is fleeting, ever remind us of the potential for joy in our lives.

Help us to remember that each of us is instrumental in lifting up our world, lifting up our communities, lifting up our lives toward that great vision of life abundant, of hope renewed, and of mercy realized.

Quicken our minds to imagination. When we come from places of relative comfort, may we learn to use that luxury to create new ways and means toward justice. May we forget the pathways that begin and end with the easy No’s, Not Yet’s and Maybe’s. Help us to dream up the Beloved Community so that are feet may come to find a way to it.

Quicken our hands to do the work of building a world that is equitable and safe for all. Unclench the stiffness and tightness of our grasp upon the certainty of what we know is safe so that we may help others enjoy safety in their own lives.

We remember this morning all those who were in the streets this past night across the world. We remember those who were protesting, following their hearts toward a dream of a world filled with more compassion. We honor the peacemakers among us. The protestors and police alike who are committed to keeping the peace, nurturing non-violence, reminding us all of the best of ourselves. We remember too the protestors and police who increased violence in our world. The images of cars aflame abroad, and the images of police striking non-violent pedestrians, ever remind us of our failings.

We pray for the strength and the courage of our humanity.

May all those we remember this morning be brave enough to maintain their integrity, regardless of their position, without recourse of violence and anger.

May rage give way before understanding.

May frustration and impatience give way before compassion.

May anxiety give way before truth, and all of us comforted by the truth.

For the world we inhabit is wracked with harm and hardship.

May we not give into the false belief that this world can only be this way. May a miracle of unity occur in our lifetime, and may we help prepare the way.

We invite the gathering now to lift up the names of those on our hearts this morning. May our circle of love and compassion hold all these names close to our hearts with care.

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