The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for Mid-Summer (Remembering Arizona)

This was first spoken the week many of my UU colleagues and friends were in Arizona protesting a harsh immigration law coming into effect. Over 80 people were arrested for civil disobedience.

Spirit of Life, God of Many Names and One Transforming and Abundant Love, be with us now.
In this midpoint of the Summer, we pause to appreciate the flow of the year. We take rest this morning knowing that none of us can forever strive, forever work, forever labor. That life is a mixture of the doing and the being – and that the latter of these two things is far more crucial.
Help us to see the necessity of the resting time, even while remembering not all of us will have that luxury. We pray for a transformation in our world from a culture of forever busy to a life that appreciates the splendor and value of the world around us, the people around us. Help us to learn to lift up the living connections that remind us we are human. May we be more than merely consumers of this living world.
Teach us to craft human ways that turn us not into survivors. May we learn to not trade the ease of some for the travail of others. May this transformation not be felt as a battle but as process of healing; of returning home.
This morning we continue to keep in mind the people of Arizona who are living in fear of a state that has the audacity to demand identification solely based upon the color of one’s skin. We pray that those in power come to seek humility for their actions. We pray for strength for those afflicted. May our fellow people know they are not alone in their grief. May this hateful law not be enacted this week. Help us to find another way.

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