The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Christmas Eve – The Ordinary Miracle

God of Grace, Spirit of Hope Abounding, Source of Love,

Surprise us when we least expect it.

Enter our lives as the shining star in the night,

Sudden, unexpected, clear.

Remind us that there is a depth to life,

an urgency in being.

That we are not merely actors dimly reading our parts,

but creative souls, crucial to the story at hand.

Living is a practice of bringing our full selves to bear:

In the questing times, when we’re uncertain of our purpose, or our place;

In the times of epiphany, when newfound clarity must be brought to action.

In the times of loss, when hope flies from our grasp.

Help us to remember the lessons of Christmas.

New possibilities are ever abundant.

What we’re seeking may take a turn for the unexpected.

Hope, grace and love are central to our lives – not power, or privilege, or fear.

Dear God – help us to realize these lessons in our lived experience.

Take our hand and lead us away from cynicism and dismissal;

from contention and despair.

Grant us a renewal of vision.

And when the choirs of angels cease their singing,

and the shepherds return to their flocks,

and the stablehands come to replenish the hay,

May we have found the respite we needed amidst the glory of the night;

May our hearts remain opened for another turning of the year;

And may we have the courage to spread this message of possibility, of compassion over indifference, of the ordinary miracle.

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