The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

New Year’s Day 2012

Spirit of New Beginnings, God of Endings,

and Mother of Transforming and Abundant Love,

Gift us with a broader view.

Grant us the courage to learn from the mistakes of the year past,

To honor our travails,

and love ourselves despite what we could not let go of.

Help us to find a new sense of possibility in the coming year.

May we come to understand our journey as the series of changes that they are,

and not as a cascade of doors banging closed.

Not as limit and barrier,

but as impermanence,

openings, and hope.

Remind us to take the time, in these longer nights, and shorter days

to reflect on matters of the heart.

Stir in us intuitions of the spirit,

and quiet our busy minds,

So that we find more room,

to live into our lives,

and not our thoughts.

Let us not dwell overlong in the musings of fear and worry,

May we not fixate in the hells of “what if” and “if only.”

Mother of Hope,

help us to focus on the Heaven in this world,

that is within our power to create.

May we give gifts of service and care,

compassion and forgiveness,

and material things are needed, clothing and food when it is in our power to help.

May we make of this year a new year,

not a return to the repetitions of the old.

And may it be for gladness.

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