The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

A Prayer for Mothers’ Day, 2012

Source of Life, Mother of Hope, and God of Many Names,

We pause this morning in our annual day of remembrance,

For all the parents in our lives who have helped us to grow to be

The people we have strived to be.

We know that within this room,

And within each of our hearts,

There’s a complicated mixture of joy, sadness, heartache and love,

When we think of the word “Mother.”

Where we have known moments of laughter and lightness,

We give thanks.

Where we have felt grief, and pain,

We offer up our silence…

Knowing that words can rarely help us along those difficult roads;

Only friendship, care, and honesty can.

May we remember the times in our childhood,

The small moments,

That shown beyond themselves.

May they offer peace, where there is conflict.

Remind us that every moment,

Holds within it the opportunity for motherhood,

For mentoring, for parenting,

for caring for the children around us,

and the child that is within every one of us,

no matter how old we may be.

We hold especially in our hearts this morning,

The families inNorth Carolina, who have been hurt by the hateful passage of Amendment 1, denying same-gendered couples their right to marry.

As a religious community, we stand in solidarity with Love;

That sacred embodiment of value, worth, and compassion,

That any two people would be blessed to every feel for one another.

May our communities come to mature,

to grow into a deeper sense of the spirit,

one filled generosity for those that are different than themselves,

so that all within our nation may come to feel respected,

and live lives of peace as they feel so called.

I invite the gathering to lift up aloud the names of people you wish to have held in prayer.

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