The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

We Hallow This Day – Remembering Sept 11th

God of Grace, Presence of Hope, Abundant Source of Love,

We hallow this day, as a keeper of our shared memory,

Of lives ended far too soon,

Of families pulled apart.

We open our hearts collectively once more,

To remember the stories that are ever present for all too many.

We are once more waiting on the couch for our partner to come home from work,

Waiting by the phone for our sibling or child to call.

We recall the paralysis of the media imagery caught on repeat,

Staring at a moment with shock.

We hallow this day, as a call toward unity.

Not the false unity of us vs them,

Not the lock-step of one voice, one mindset, one path forward,

But a unity built upon Your vision.

Neighbor loving neighbor,

Stranger helping stranger,

The letting go of old grievances to care for those in true crisis.

May this day bring us back to perspective;

May a Spirit of Abundance, of Community, of Hope

Call us away from hatreds, of cynicisms, of isolation.

God of Beginnings, teach us to live more fully into our lives,

So that we may act with honor in the face of our collective loss,

So that we may raise our children to know how to act as a People,

And not merely with self-interest, greed, or ramped individualism.

Ever knowing,

that Never Forgetting,

means living a life of compassion, service and love.

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