The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for Hunger

Spirit of Life, God of Many Names & One Transforming & Abundant Love,

We bear witness this hour to the many hungers of the world.

Our neighbors, both near and far, who are in desperate need of life sustaining food and water.

We are humbled before our relative plenty, where others are in such need.

Stoke in us a passion for healing this pain.

Help us to find new ways, to change the small things we can,

in our own lives,

So that the lives of others may be improved.

At this national time of Thanksgiving, we recognize that in some ways,

Our abundance comes at the price of others.

May the politics of our nation move away from reactive military action,

And toward proactive international aid.

May we win the hearts of the world through medicine and education,

And the hearts of our streets through community investment and workforce development.

We know that hunger comes in other clothes,

The desire for more, the quest for power, a sense of isolation.

God of Grace, ease the pain of discord in our hearts,

Let us be satisfied with a warm home,

Teach us to not seek to rule those around us,

In name or in deed,

And remind us that there are ever hands reaching toward us,

Waiting for us to reach back,

We are never alone.

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