The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for New Members

Opener of the Ways, God of Many Names, and One Transforming and Abundant Love,

We enter into the stillness of this hour,

Coming from many different places,

Holding with us all the stories that make up our lives.

Each sharing a glimpse of our heart in our passing,

A hope for a deeper connection,

An offered hand in our times of need,

A welcoming ear to lessen our burden,

A place to catch our breath when we are weary,

And a religious home to challenge us when we are complacent.

Mother of All, guide us on our journey,

In this life, help us to have the strength for the long road,

With love in our hearts,

Temperance in our words,

And the will to craft a world of justice and equity.

We know that we can not do all this alone,

That we are more whole when we are in community;

That a place of reflection and care reminds us of our humanity.

We welcome this day several new members to our community.

May they find with us the home they need,

And may we find in them,

The companions we need,

to continue along the road,

With grace and compassion.

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