The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for Stewardship and Community

Spirit of Community, God of Many Names, Love Abounding,

We each come here for different reasons,

To connect once more with friends well known,

To meet new folks along the way,

To be less alone in a city that is both very full,

And sometimes very isolating amidst the bustle.

Some of us are tired,

Dedicated to the busy-ness of our work week,

Struggling to find a job,

Stressed from the tests, and the homework, and the deadlines;

We gather to pause between the silence and the joy of this hour,

Hoping to be renewed in spirit and in mind,

To be able to appreciate the small wonders, of the moments,

between our obligations.

We gather as a community,

To build loving friendships,

To seek justice in our world,

To grow our souls,

To nurture compassion with every step,

As best we can.

We pray for those among us living with illness,

For those recovering in a hospital bed,

For their families and friends who wish they could ease their burden.

May they find healing where it is possible,

Peace of mind where it is not,

And feel the love that ever surrounds them.

God of Compassion, help us to weave real connections,

In this house of hope;

To build community within our walls and beyond;

To welcome the stranger,

Wherever they are on their life’s journey,

And allow ourselves to be changed,

With every new soul that enters our religious home.

In building our community, in growing our spirits,

We become the stewards of our faith.

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