The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer at the End of Winter

Source of Love, God of Many Names, bring us back to ourselves.

With the closing of the Winter,

Help us to reflect on the places in our hearts where we have hunkered down,

Where we have closed ourselves to the bitterness around us.

May we let go of the biting comments of the past,

So they not fester in our minds.

May we make room for the coming Spring,

And for the seeds of the spirit –

that are striving to bud,

If only we would care for them.

Mother of All, bring us to your living water,

May we drink in your possibility.

The seasons remind us that all things are temporary.

All pains have a way of passing,

With new joys only a grasping hand away.

Let us not fixate on what is past,

Making it ever and always in our present.

Rather teach us to learn what is to be learned,

Mourn for what is gone,

To live brightly and sharply from those lessons,

And craft new stories for our lives.

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