Prayer for Economic Hostage-Taking

Spirit of Life, God of Many Names, and One Transforming and Abundant Love,


We hold in our hearts this hour all the people in our neighborhoods,

and in our world,

who are struggling to get by;

searching for a job that seems to never land;

who are wondering where the next meal will come from;

who are looking for a roof to cover their head for one more night.

If we are in relative comfort, teach us not to forget the pressing needs of our neighbors,

that we have a role in lifting one another up,

knowing that we are who we are due to all the people that have helped us along life’s path.

If we are aching to find a way through to another day,

remind us that a way can be found,

that hope is a value to strive for,

to keep reaching out,

to keep letting in.

As our nation waits before the theatrics of politics to settle,

where financial risk is far too lightly threatened,

help our leaders to regain perspective.

May our ideologies,

not become postures,

that endanger the well-being of those most at risk in our communities.

Teach us to be nimble where we are stiff,

Open where are closed,

and to lean toward love when our hearts are hard.


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  1. #1 by timbartik on September 29, 2013 - 5:45 pm

    A wonderful expression of what I think is a hopeful message. Thank you and bravo!

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