The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for Endurance

Spirit of Endurance, God of Many Names and One Transforming and Abundant Love,

We gather this hour, as a community of hope,

dedicated to the work of building a world centered in peace,

grounded in compassion for one another,

and seeking new ways to nurture justice in the many corners of our lives.

At the turning of a new year,

we pause to reflect on all the many challenges of the year past.

The violence in a world that we all too often can’t seem to stem or make sense of,

the bickering of our nation’s leaders – which always seems to leave the poorest of us worse for it,

and the challenges in our personal lives:

work where it may be hard to find,

a home that may be hard to afford,

sicknesses and loss in our families and among our friends.

May we find strength to witness what we must,

and love to make the world better for our presence.

At the turning of this wheel,

we pause to remember the places and moments of joy in our lives.

Reconnecting with that old friend we haven’t seen in years,

our successes in our classes, or on the field,

That one sunset.

The slow movement forward for civil rights in our nation for all people.

The job interview that finally came.

A community that loves you.

We each challenge, there is a place within us, and around us,

where we can find the strength we need to do the work at hand.

In hope. In prayer. In silence – may we find it when we need.


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