The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer of Devotion (Volunteer Appreciation)

Spirit of Devotion, God of Many Names and One Transforming and Abundant Love,

We pause this hour to reflect on our commitments, our obligations, and our burdens,

help us to gain insight into where we have laid down our devotions,

where we have placed our hearts,

who we have shared our lives and our dreams with.

For those of us struggling with persevering,

who are giving their all just to get by,

grant them strength in this time of difficulty,

lighten their hearts, even as their shoulders are weary.

For those who are seeking a right path, a new way,

may wisdom be known to help find a true purpose,

knowing that even when we are lost, we are not alone.

For those at ease, those of us who are complacent,

may a Spirit of Newness enter our minds,

and stir us to action.

Mother of Wisdom, remind us that each of us will know these challenges

throughout our lives.

Teach us to help those in need when we are strong,

to help even when we are weak,

and when we are afflicted,

to remember that all trials will some day pass,

We pause this hour to express gratitude to all the people of this congregation,

children, youth and adults,

who have helped to make this community thrive.

For the countless hours of support cleaning, and building, and stocking, and folding, and prepping, and teaching, and leading, and planning, and learning;

we give thanks.

We would not be a community were it not for all of our service to one another.

It is with this commitment to gather that we make scared this space.

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