The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for Independence Day and Religious Freedom

Spirit of Life, God of Many Names, and one transforming and abundant love,

May we enter into a time of reflection this holiday weekend.

Taking stock of the meaning of freedom and independence,

in a country that was founded, as always, with complex motives and practices.

We are a nation that strives toward the fulfillment of democracy,

rooted in an ethic of morality;

yet our history is marred with slavery of millions,

and the genocide of indigenous nations.

Teach us to be humble where we are strident,

to be active when we become complacent to oppression,

and hopeful when we find ourselves held back,

or held down,

by the greed or fear of others.

The discipline of democracy is a spiritual one,

Remind us to practice it daily,

in our communities,

and in our families.

May we not become silent before another’s power,

and may we not, in turn, silence another through our own will.

For faith, and freedom, and independence,

are not just for ourselves alone;

they are lived in community.

We know their blessings come along with

disciplines of accountability,

of generosity,

and of living and letting others live as well.


We hold in our hearts this hour all the women in our nation who are now subject to the religious whims of their secular bosses. May our nation not go too far down this road. We pray that our leaders learn to lead and govern once more, so that our country will not stray from the path it was founded upon. May we not confuse religious freedom with Christian Theocracy.

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