The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer: Anticipation and Peace

Spirit of Hope, God of Many Names, and one transforming and abundant love,

May we pause before the quiet of the hour,

taking in another week past,

preparing ourselves for the week to come,

and remembering to remain present to the moment before us,

even amidst the busyness, and the turmoil, and the anticipation that all surrounds us.

We come seeking wells of nourishment,

friendship in a world that’s sometimes cold,

and joy from friends old and new.

Teach us to accept love and care when we are in need,

and patience when we are not.

And in our times of long ease,

shake us from complacency,

for our world needs our care,

out attention, and our hands.

We pray for the peoples of Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Israel this hour.

We grieve the horror and pain,

from generational cycles of violence and hate,

that subject innocent people to grievous harm and rampant fear.

May a way be found for people of differing faiths,

and differing politics,

to live together in peace;

and find the common threads in their lives

to be more important than their differences.

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