The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for Global Climate Change

This prayer was given at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Huntington, NY on 9/21/14. Blessings to the many protestors in NYC today!


Spirit of Change, God of Many Names, Mother of Love,

As world leaders come together once more this week in NYC,

to discuss the future of our planet in light of the growing climate crisis,

we ask for them to be blessed with insight,

thinking of new ways to affect change in a world that needs it so desperately;
to be blessed with perseverance,

to navigate nations gridlocked by ignorance and greed,

and to be blessed with hope,

not to give up before the enormity of it all.

For humanity has faced countless challenges over the generations,

and we have the capacity to to face this as well.

May our people learn to value conservation

more than we value convenience;

to value truth over ease;

and compassion for a world where we are not the only inhabitants.

We are grateful for the many marchers in NYC this week,

bringing awareness to another critical moment in human history.

We offer blessings to each,

whether they have traveled on a train from Long Island,

or a bus from Portland.

May the spirit of renewal and consciousness you gift our world with this hour,

be in turn,

a blessing to us all.

We pause this hour, before the turning of the season,

from Summer days filled with warmth and shine,

to Autumn hours of crispness and cool.

May the turning of the wheel of the year be for


knowing that our lives move ever onward.

Joy that had passed will return,

and sorrow that seems like it never will end,

will some day fade away.

May our hearts be open

to the cycles of love and loss,

and know the grace of peace,

in the turning.

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