The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for Mid-Autumn

Spirit of Peace, God of Many Names, Mother of Love,

Move through out hearts,

lighten our tight grips and clenched teeth,

ease the uninformed fears,

that infect our media,

weaken our resolve,

and limit our imagination.

Help us to find new ways,

to perennial problems.

Remind us of our human connectedness;

that compassion is virtue,

that maintaining a civil diversity of opinion is a discipline,

and hope is a spiritual practice that keeps us grounded when we despair.

As the temperatures continue to drop,

and many of us begin going to school or work when it’s barely light,

help us to find moments of reflection,

being aware of ourselves,

the life all around us,

and the weight of our hearts and breath.

Where we are weary, may we find rest;

where we are burdened, may we remember those around us who can lighten that load;

where we are joyous, before the quiet of the hour or the lengthening nights,

may our silent light be a strength for all.

Teach us to shine that light more often than hide it.

For the world needs such a gift, whenever we may give it.

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