The work of Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister

Prayer for Coming of Age 2015

Spirit of Life, God of Many Names, Source of Love,

We celebrate with our children and youth as they grow up and mature.

Today is a day of completion for them, and a new beginning.

Their dedication, and their study, and their service, and their joy

has brought them along another step in the journey of life.

May they carry with them the insights they have found from their own striving,

and through this wisdom,

may we all be rededicated,

to the work of building the Beloved Community

throughout our lives.

As our Coming of Age youth share with us this next step in their faith journey,

teach us to hear one another’s truths,

with an open mind and a loving heart,

and may our hands that help along the way,

be gentle and kind.

May today’s service be another model for building a community,

grounded in compassion, openness and acceptance.

Mother of Abundance, in the fullness of this hour,

help us to see the joy, hope and wholeness in this community;

may the words of our youth remind each of us,

that we all carry part of the story of life with us.

May our carrying be true.

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